Brewery Spotlight: Bushwick’s Braven Brewing Company


Many breweries are born from the love of homebrewing and the boredom of the monotonous day job, but Eric Feldman and Marshall Thompson, founders of Braven Brewing Company, have taken a unique approach to the brewing business.

While working to open a brewery in Bushwick, the two have already landed contracts with reliable powerhouses Olde Saratoga Brewing Company and SKI Beer Distributors. The mission, according to their website, is “to brew remarkable beer for remarkable individuals” and I’d say they’re off to a great start.

They both began homebrewing as a study break, since Marshall was pursuing his business degree and Eric was looking for an activity other than practicing law. Brewing soon became an obsession as Marshall created labels and branding while they both spent time perfecting their recipes.

Friends and family responded well to the brews and Marshall and Eric were invited to become part of the exclusive Josh Bernstein’s Homebrew Tour. It’s been six years since that tour and Marshall and Eric haven’t looked back since forming the company in 2013.

Braven Brewing is now on pace to produce and sell 5,000 barrels of beer this year, more than double the year before.

The brewery has three styles of beer available on draft and in 12oz bottles. The lineup includes a White IPA, Black Pale Ale and their flagship Bushwick Pilsner, all of which are are homebrew recipes that have been scaled up with their brewing partners at Olde Saratoga.

Braven is currently being sold throughout NYC, Long Island and Westchester County but Eric and Marshall have an even bigger game plan.

The owners are planning to open a brewing facility and taproom in the heart of Bushwick. While they are raising the necessary capital to create the fully functioning brewery and taproom, Eric and Marshall have made the strategic decision to sell their beer, currently being contract brewed, to build a loyal customer base.

The new brewery is projected to open in 2017 and will feature a ten barrel brewhouse, seventy-five seat taproom and fully embrace the proud Brooklyn history of brewing.

They are also raising growth capital on CircleUp, an online investment platform. It’s always an exciting opportunity to be involved with a brewery and rare to be able to invest in one that already has proven recipes, reliable distribution and a growing fan base.


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